...the Author

Eileen Gonzalez lives and writes in Connecticut. When she isn't writing, she enjoys researching future writing projects, collecting comic books, and spending time with her evil Maltese, AJ. Her short stories have appeared in Potomac Review, Toasted Cheese, Helix Magazine, and Vitality.

Eileen is devoted to bringing more diversity to fiction, particularly in terms of LGBT representation. As such, all of her stories feature at least one LGBT character, often more. Many of her works also prominently feature women and/or people of color.

If you have any questions or comments about Eileen's work, feel free to email her.

...and the Illustrator

Joyce Gonzalez also lives in Connecticut, but she draws instead of writes. This website was designed and is maintained by her, and all drawings on the website were created by her. In her spare time, Joyce likes to study other languages and cultures.


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